The Yellow Treehouse
may 18th, 2012 - 11:50
In New Zealand, the Yellow Pages was seen as an old fashioned book that no longer was the best option for people to find useful businesses. The Yellow Pages wanted to show that consumers could build even a tree house on a sequoia just using Yellow.
The agency set up Tracey Collins, a young, pleasant New Zealander with restaurant experience, with the mission to build a restaurant in a Redwood tree using only Yellow to find the myriad suppliers she needed.
Each business that helped was featured and linked on
TV Commercials, radio, print, billboards, mail and Web ads showed the progress of the restaurant, which, once completed, allowed people to register for a meal.
- Two thousand people visited the restaurant before it was taken over by Redwood Park, where it was
- Sales of its directories increased 6.7%, with online usage rising 11%, year-over-year.

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